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Multi Topic Books - On Local Villages & Hamlets


Mining -  Coal, Limestone & Iron Ore 

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The Development Of Coal Mining In The Local Area

A Record Of Fatalities In Local Coal Mines 1782 - 1957


Horse Driven Gin Pit, Gin Stables & Farm In Worthington Parish


A History Of The Limestone And Lead Quarries At Dimminsdale

A Social & Industrial History Of Heath End And Surrounding Area

Iron Ore Mining & Smelting  At Staunton Harold


Coal Mining, Brick & Sanitary Pipe Making In The Vicinity Of Newbold

A History Of Coleorton No3 Colliery (Bug & Wink) 1875 - 1933

Coal Mining In Pegg's Green Early 19th Century To 1859

Coal Mining In The Smoile

The Califat Coal Mine Tragedy October 1863

Coleorton Fishpond & Bridge And The Paddock Colliery

Huntingdon Beaumont Coal Mining & Railway Entrepreneur c.1560-1624

Coleorton No. 1 Colliery At Peggs Green

The 1842 General Strike & Its Effect On Coal Miners In NW Leicestershire

The 1921 Miner's Lock Out

Coal Distillation Manufacturing Plants At Newbold

New Lount Colliery Drift Mine Shaft And Man Rider Project Opened 1956

Swannington No2 Colliery (Sinope) &  Swannington No3 Colliery (Clink)

In Memory Of 'Known' Coal Miners Who Died In Coleorton & Peggs Green Collieries 

New Lount Colliery Pit Head Baths & Canteen

A Drift Shaft From Disused Coleorton No3 Colliery To New Lount Colliery

In Memory Of Coal Miners Who Died Or Who Were Seriously Injured At New Lount Colliery, Newbold


The Coleorton Rope Walk

William Stenson A Native Coleorton (The Father Of Coalville Town)

A Synopsis Of The Burslems Influence On Coal Mining In Coleorton & The Manor Of Overton Saucey


Messr's Boultbee's Coal Mine In The Area Of Rotten Row

The Loyal William Worswick Lodge Of Oddfellows

The Whitwick Colliery Disaster - In Memory Of William Davies Pegg's Green

The Birch Families Of Gelsmoor & Coleorton

Brothers Thomas & Nathan Lord Killed In Accidents At The Bug & Wink

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John & William Berkin Pioneers Of Montana

The Sherwin Family 1739 - 1887

Sir George Beaumont Return To Coleorton & Re-Building Of The Old Manor House

The Sporting Baronet 11th Baronet Of Stoughton

The Origins Of The Staunton Harold Estate (The Shirley's)

Huntingdon Beaumont Coal Mining & Railway Entrepreneur c.1560-1624

John Kendrick Local Business Man & His Family

A History Of Elverston's Yard

Memories Are Made Of This The Barkby's & Richards

Joseph Boultbee The First Of Griffydam

William Wordsworth Winter Garden At Coleorton Hall

Robert Chaplin's Architectural Contributions At Coleorton Hall

William Wale Of Griffydam

The Kidger's & Richard's Families Of Pegg's Green

Sir George Howland William Beaumont 9th Baronet Of Stoughton At Coleorton Hall 1828-1882


Sir George Howland William Beaumont 10th Baronet Of Stoughton   1851-1914


A Coleorton Fisherman's Tale

William Dexter and His Wife Mary Of Griffith Dam

The Life Of William Briggs

Frank Hodges - Respected Business Man And Benefactor To Newbold

Synopsis Of The Life Of Sir George Howland Francis Beaumont 12th & Last Baronet Of Stoughton

How Molly Met Sadie

William Stenson A Native Coleorton (The Father Of Coalville Town)

Old Transcribed Wills, Administration Documents and Inventories Applicable To Griffydam

Audits Of Burials In St. Mary's Church And St. John's Mortuary Chapel To St. John The Apostle & Evangelist Graveyards At Coleorton

Zilpha Draper Of Griffydam

Samuel Goacher Of Coleorton - A Pauper

The Rev William Beresford Beaumont - Rector Of Coleorton For 36 Years

Transcribed 1939 Register For Griffydam, Gelsmoor, The Outwoods And The Woolrooms All In The Parish Of Worthington

The Loyal William Worswick Lodge Of Oddfellows

The Birch Families Of Gelsmoor & Coleorton

Frank Joseph Dimmock 1870-1935

(read about Frank's son Sam Dimmock here>>)


A Story About The Goodmans - A Respected Old Osgathorpe Family

A Remarkable Story Of Two Local Pioneers Who Became 'Latter Day Saints' Samuel Webster (Swannington) Married To Eliza Smith (Griffydam)

Osgathorpe Marriages 1583-1891

John Allsopp 1650-1683 And His Bequeathment To Osgathorpe

The Bostocks - An Old Osgathorpe Family Who Became Successful Limestone Burners & Farmers

Margaret Mead's Charity Relating To Osgathorpe, Belton & Thringstone

Thomas & Elizabeth King Of Osgathorpe

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Houses & Gardens

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Wartime ... Lest We Forget

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